Thursday, July 2, 2009

On Milieu Control and the Georgia Baptist blog ban

From Under Much Grace blog, I found this tidbit from a post called Lifton's Mind Control 101:

Most simply stated, “Milieu Control” is the control of an environment by controlling the information and activities within the environment.

Pertaining to manipulative and closed groups, this involves control of communication and generation of acceptable information to be disseminated among the membership.

Ultimately, the group seeks to control the thought environment of individual members, and it is this internal milieu control that produces the isolation from society at large.

The cognitive dissonance [uncomfortable feeling] produced by the incongruent messages received from the outside creates the natural desire to withdraw or filter information that does not coincide with information within the group.

It’s too draining and stressful to constantly try to reckon conflicting worldviews, so isolationism seen in closed systems of thought is often a necessary adaptation. Healthy people do filter information, but in closed systems, the group dictates what sources of information are restricted in an effort to maintain compliance and limit dissent.

Now, having just read this about mind control, take a look at what the Georgia Southern Baptists have decided to try
For background on the blog ban, see Wartburg Watch

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